Life is a faded photograph 
One that you just tore in half 
When you chose another path 
Lies you were eager to believe 
You were innocent, naive 
Now the truth is killing me 
Everything I loved, loved   

Life is a weeping willow tree 
One that’s lost its leaves 
Lies you were told when you were young 
Now smell badly like the trash 
Someone spilled out on your lawn 

Everything you loved 
Everything you loved Is gone, is gone 

Life is so fleeting yet so long 
By the time you’re feeling strong 
It’s so close to being gone 
Have I lost my Midas Touch? 
Everything just turns to dust 
Instead of gold I dreamed 
Ungrateful though it seems 
Do you think I’ve lost my way? 
Everything you lost is gone


Oceana's claim: "Oceana campaigns worldwide for policy change that can restore and increase ocean biodiversity and abundance." 
Oceana's aim: "Save the oceans, Feed the world; Restoring the oceans could feed 1 billion people a healthy seafood meal each day." 

First, one must comprehend the basic premise behind the Oceana campaign, which is to increase the numbers of fish in the ocean to make them “abundant.” Then, once they’re back to a “sustainable” level (if that’s even possible), start mass-slaughtering them all over again to feed humans the food meant for sea creatures. 

With a foreword by elite politician Bill Clinton (who once was widely and erroneously promoted as ‘vegan’), one must wonder: Who would stand to financially gain from convincing humans that fish is the "perfect protein"? And where does this particular money trail lead? With Oceana calling out “harmful fisheries” (insinuating there are actually harmless fisheries), there appears to be a blatant agenda to decimate all competition in order to monopolize the entire commercial fishing industry – all while pretending to have altruistic motives.   

"The Perfect Protein" book written by the CEO of Oceana (among others) fails to show any proof this “fish protein” is in any way a “perfect food” for humans, while ignoring the toxic health dangers of mercury, PCBs, parasites, POPs (persistent organic pollutants), etc.  With 300,000 edible plants on earth for humans to eat, it’s way past time to stop stealing food from the creatures in the ocean. Until you grow gills, you need to concentrate on plant farming on land utilizing heritage seeds and sustainable techniques like hothouses, permaculture, vertical farming and beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings, etc.   

Fortunately, it looks like the 2021 "Seaspiracy" documentary has literally blown this whole human-centric theory out of the water, proving that the idea of sustainable and harmless fishing involving both humans AND the sentient creatures of the ocean simply does not exist.