From the recording The Secret World of Planets

The Humane Myth



Purple happy cows dancing around
Purple happy cows, they never frown
Purple happy cows just chewing their cud
Purple happy cows, now they’re covered in blood
Come milk me, churn my life into butter
What gives you the right to steal my baby away?
Come chain me in a cell, a dark dreary stall
And tell everyone that it’s so wonderful
Watch me dance, I’m so happy
I’m so happy, I’m so happy
These are tears of joy! We’re all so damn happy!

I am just a machine
Use me like your private slave, make some money off of me
That’s what I’m here for, right?
We’re all so happy
Your life is so much more valuable than mine

Purple happy cows, we give them pet names
Purple happy cows, got cute little chains
Purple happy cows, they’re killed with a kiss
Purple happy cows, they don’t exist… it’s a myth!
We’re so happy, we’re so happy
We’re organic, we’re grass-fed, we’re free-range
Wheeee! Whatever makes you feel a little less guilty
Oh don’t worry yourself about how I feel
So don’t mind me, I’m just a machine
Wheeee! We’re having fun!
It’s all a lie - are you happy with your plate of lies?
You want that glass of pus and blood to go?
It hurts to be alive…