Eyeballs in the Ocean

Andi Hayes

USE CONTACT FOR FOR PURCHASE --- 11 songs: Demented Circus Music with cathedral goth organs, psychedelic ethereal layered keyboards, themes of mutant prophecy and deep, strong female vocals.

EYEBALLS IN THE OCEAN is the first solo project of Andi Hayes, former lead singer of L.A.-based goth/hard rock bands The Web and Kill City. Lyrical topics range from the disturbing (sonar blasting in the ocean, space junk and the horrors of modern science) to the disturbed (hallucinations and mental escapism). Note: The deep sea creatures pictured are labeled "Property of U.S. Navy" only because the Navy believes it owns the ocean.


"The quality is fantastic...Fascinating, freaky, and fun, like a trip through a great haunted house. This is a real concept album...one of those artists that has a unique image and fully formed vision to promote; This is exactly the kind of music that needs to be given exposure to a mass audience, especially in this day and age. There is just nothing even close to this kind of stuff out there."-Skepticus

"Dear Andi Hayes, I came home tonight to find the CD in my letterbox. Thank you so much, it truly is a beautiful thing (and so well-packaged).

I love the dark, swirling carnival organs and the whimsical rhythms. Your voice has such a rich timbre to it (something quite rare in a lot of modern music). Great lyrics too. I'm sure the CD will provide me with hours of twisted delight.

Thank you again. Kind Regards, [J. - New Zealand]"

"First off, the album is absolutely STELLAR. Each song flows into the next quite superbly, from Pink Floyd-esque soundscapes to uber-goth Cathedral Rock; the vocals drift with soul..."-Anoremix

"I received your CD, it is spectacular and you are a genius. The words you included really add so much more meaning to the music I really have come to appreciate. You are truly gifted. I have been playing your CD in my car, for my friends, for my family and encouraging them to check you out on CDBaby... Thank you again, let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to support you and your music. Sincerely and awe-struck,"-Erinn/myspace comment

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