Why Santa Claus Sucks


It has become commonplace to mock the existence of God by comparing Him to Santa Claus. In fact, it’s not hard at all to see the uncanny similarities between the two – granter of wishes, giver of gifts, flying magically high up in the sky, omnipresent and appearing everywhere at once, and living somewhere far, far away with lots of cheerful cherubic helpers. Santa’s annual appearance at what we now call Christmas also just happens to coincide with the time of year that has [incorrectly] come to be associated with the birth of God’s messenger, Yeshu.

But when the day inevitably arrives that a child learns Santa Claus never existed, that it was, in fact, just a big lie they’ve been told by someone they trusted, the next logical step is to assume that God doesn't exist either. Maybe it’s not assumed right away, but the thought has been planted: Santa Claus equals God; and if Santa Claus does not exist, then neither does God. 

Odd that those who believe in God are blamed for dreaming Him up, when it’s actually the fabricated notion of Santa Claus that delivers the message that only naïve children would believe in such a fairytale. It’s only natural that as the children get older, “wiser,” more jaded and less gullible, they actually feel foolish for having ever believed in such a silly concept.  

It is not such a big leap then for anyone already questioning the existence of God to form an opinion of Him from the ONE book He’s most associated with – the Bible. Unfortunately, this book also happens to be one that was edited, translated and corrupted by men with very questionable intentions and agenda. Throughout many parts of it, God is depicted as a cruel, vicious, vengeful lunatic, allegedly ordering and condoning all kinds of evil, vengeful and violent things, including animal sacrifice, flesh-eating, war, plagues, slavery, misogyny, and intolerance.

Even though the Bible is actually interwoven with profound pearls of ancient wisdom, beauty and prophesy, it is the ugliness and hypocrisy where the most focus is placed, both by its skeptical detractors as well as its most fervent, unquestioning believers. And the contradictions are rampant: the deliberate altering, tampering, correcting, corrupting, truncating and outright omissions have made it so confusing that it is essentially ripe for cherry picking. It can be used to illustrate either bad or good – whichever point one is trying to make.       

As for the tradition of misleading children into believing in Santa Claus, only to eventually reveal to them it was all just a lie, this can only be completely detrimental in every way. Lies should not be told to children, especially ones with the insidious purpose of denying the existence of God. Nor should one book – co-opted and edited by a Roman Emperor, a council of Bishops, and a flesh-eating, slave-owning misogynist and mass murderer proclaiming himself to be an apostle with an epiphany – be used as the sole judge of who God really is.

So why do humans blame God for all the suffering in the world and in their own lives instead of evil or apathetic humans? Why reject Him outright as being so unfathomably cruel that it’s not even possible He could exist at all, simply based on assertions, assumptions, allegations and selective translations promulgated by those with nefarious intent? The finger should point downward and inward, not upward.

Far beyond the limits of organized religion and atheism lies true spirituality, but the hidden truths and secrets of the spirit cannot be found in any one book written by man. Sometimes it takes many lifetimes to discover and uncover them.

I believe as the ancient Egyptians believed – that our mission here on earth is to transmute the darkness into light. But also, while we are in the process of achieving that, we should never lose our joy in being alive; attempt to gain as much wisdom as possible; and, most of all, live a life of empathy, compassion and respect that equally includes ALL living beings that God created.

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