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THE WEB was one of America’s first Death Rock bands, as described by UK journalist/author Mick Mercer. Based in Los Angeles, their 45” single “Walk on Glass” hit the Top 10 on John Peel’s BBC Radio show in the mid-'80s. They also released a 7-song EP as a Limited Edition promo and a 3-song 45" under the name Kill City in the 1990's.

In the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, remaining founding members Andi Hayes, lead vocals, and T.A. Black, lead guitar, renamed the band Kill City, featuring an ever-fluctuating new rhythm section line-up. They released a 45” colored vinyl single on the Dionysus Records label, “Secret Smile” backed by “Cancer of the Mind” and “Begging for More.” At that point, bass player Johann Schumann had gone to England to tour as a temporary fill-in with Christian Death, who shared The Web’s practice studio. It was during this period that T.A. and Andi opened the infamous Goth afterhours club known as “The Seance” on Highland Avenue in Hollywood, featuring visits from such diverse luminaries as Nick Cave and El Duce of the Mentors, even renting the club out to Guns ‘N Roses for a show. The Web/Kill City played their last show together in 1993. Singer Andi Hayes continued on in a solo career, putting together 3 CDs and several videos of original music in a vegan psychedelic/garage/goth vein.

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