‚Äč“Willow and The Teardrop Forest,” written and illustrated by Andi Hayes, is a 242-page fantasy/fable with 9 color illustrations, appropriate for Middle Grade readers aged 8 through 13, although suitable for all ages.

Steeped in magical realism, “Willow and The Teardrop Forest” is a tale of a tenderhearted weeping willow tree’s soul-searching journey of self-discovery in an enchanted forest repeatedly under attack by a myriad of malicious interlopers. The interactions between talking trees, telepathic horses, winged eyeballs and demonic loggers offer insight into the complexities and contradictions of human nature while teaching a reverence for animals and nature. In a style reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, its parables illuminate the eternal battle of wisdom and compassion versus ignorance and heartlessness. “Willow” will also appeal to fans of George Orwell’s Animal Farm with its subtle underlying themes of societal politics and ethics. A fairy tale for the eternal child within us all, it has been called  “A serious and substantial piece of work – not just for children.”


1. Willow and the Teardrop Forest is a beautiful story told by wonderfully humanized spirits of nature, reminding us that a positive, kind and caring world is what we should strive for. You feel like you know the author very well after reading this with its treasure of lovely lessons. It was a great pleasure to see the stunning illustrations that support the story...This is a story that will be enjoyed by readers of any age. - Diane Furst, NM

2. Willow and The Teardrop Forest speaks to the human heart and emotions in a way few stories today can. If Aesop were alive, he would have written this. The story will stay with you long after you put the book down. It is impossible to read this and not envision it as a full-blown movie! - Michael Ventarola, NJ

3. “A Serious and Substantial Piece of Work – Not Just for Children” The energy and professionalism that it takes to produce a serious and substantial piece of work is immediately evident in Willow and The Teardrop Forest. The wording is excellent, as is the sentence structure, flow and rhythm. The tone, consistent and most appropriate for the subject, creates the right atmosphere and mood which brings to life this "fantasy" world of thinking, feeling and talking trees. I can hear an adult smoothly reading it to a child. And like all good works, the whole of the book is greater than the sum of its parts.  -- William Kohn, Former Editor, Los Angeles Times

4. This is a fairytale fable in the form of a horticultural animal farm - fortunately not as topical, but just as clever in its subtleties when approaching politics and ethics. Children would easily enjoy the story of the magical forest, while also learning the moral responsibility humans have with nature. The otherworldly illustrations are a beautiful accompaniment, incredibly useful for sparking the reader’s imagination. - Max Shackleton, UK

The Web was one of America’s first Death Rock bands, as described by UK journalist/author Mick Mercer. Based in Los Angeles, they released a 45” single “Walk on Glass” backed by “Sidewalk” in the mid-1980’s, which hit the Top 10 on John Peel’s BBC Radio show. They also released a 7-song EP as a Limited Edition demo.

In the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, remaining founding members Andi Hayes, lead vocals, and T.A. Black, lead guitar, renamed the band Kill City, featuring an ever-fluctuating new rhythm section line-up. They released a 45” colored vinyl single on the Dionysus Records label, “Secret Smile” backed by “Cancer of the Mind” and “Begging for More.” At that point, bass player Johann Schumann left briefly for England to tour as temporary fill-in with Christian Death, who shared the band’s practice studio. It was during this period that T.A. and Andi opened the infamous Goth afterhours club known as “The Seance” on Highland Avenue in Hollywood, featuring visits from such diverse luminaries such as Nick Cave and El Duce of the Mentors, even renting the club out to Guns ‘N Roses for a show. The Web/Kill City played their last show together in 1993. Singer Andi Hayes continued on in a solo career, putting together 2 CDs and several videos of original music in a vegan psychedelic/garage/goth vein.

"The quality is fantastic...Fascinating, freaky, and fun, like a trip through a great haunted house. This is a real concept album...one of those artists that has a unique image and fully formed vision to promote; This is exactly the kind of music that needs to be given exposure to a mass audience, especially in this day and age. There is just nothing even close to this kind of stuff out there."-Skepticus

"I love the dark, swirling carnival organs and the whimsical rhythms.  Your voice has such a rich timbre to it (something quite rare in a lot of modern music).  Great lyrics too.  I'm sure the CD will provide me with hours of twisted delight." -[J. - New Zealand]"

"First off, the album is absolutely STELLAR. Each song flows into the next quite superbly, from Pink Floyd-esque soundscapes to uber-goth Cathedral Rock; the vocals drift with soul..."-Anoremix

"I received your CD, it is spectacular and you are a genius. The words you included really add so much more meaning to the music I really have come to appreciate. You are truly gifted. I have been playing your CD in my car, for my friends, for my family and encouraging them to check you out on CDBaby...Thank you again, let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to support you and your music. Sincerely and awe-struck,"-[Erinn]

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